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In a world that revolves around social media, Beth Evans didn’t have a single account.

After a national scandal that almost destroys her father’s political career, the former Olympic golden girl, settles with her kids in a small Jersey town, vowing to make sure she’s never trending again. So, the last thing Beth needs is for Twitter’s favorite bad boy of baseball–Marc Demoda–to walk into her life and stir everything up.


Yet that’s precisely what happens. Marc crashes her run on the beach, and his fans post pictures on Twitter. Instantly they go viral. Beth’s not only trending again but now she’s linked to a bored former all-star who lives for social media likes since his pitching career ended. Beth cannot cause another scandal for her father, and Marc needs a better image if he ever wants to coach for the MLB, so they both begrudgingly agree to a fake relationship.


But even in the harsh public spotlight all too fast, their pretend relationship feels real. Beth’s growing feelings for Marc force her to choose between living in the scrutiny of the media that already burned her and her family or giving up the man that could be her perfect match. 

Available September 14th, 2021

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