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More Than Myself 
Book Five
"Becoming an Evans"

Bossy. Maddening. Gorgeous. That's the only way Aly Gomez can describe Will Evans.

After her fifth nanny quit, she’s desperate. And Will offers a solution. Who knows maybe the demanding know it all could be just what the doctor ordered.

But when she is forced to live with the sexy man everything shifts. Suddenly, his growly orders are sending the best kind of shivers down her spine.

She can't get involved with the nanny. But with temptation just a room away—Will Evans might be too hard to resist.

More than a Story
Book Four
"Becoming an Evans"

The last woman in the world he wants might be the only one he can’t let go.

Growing up in Hollywood, most of Corey Matthews’s life played out in the headlines on the celebrity gossip channels. Now the heavily sought-after baseball star keeps his life private, avoiding reporters as much as possible. But one mistake leads to a green-eyed thorn in his side blackmailing him for a story.

After a personal tragedy, Taran Murphy’s career is all she has left. She needs her job, and her boss wants Corey’s story. So when she gets the chance, she goes after the sexy all-star pitcher. She didn’t expect that getting to know the man behind the larger-than-life athlete would change everything.

Soon the best part of Corey’s life is the sassy gossip writer who drives him crazy. When he drops his guard and lets her in, Taran has to decide whether what she really needs is Corey or his story.

More Than the Story is a full-length, standalone, steamy, enemies to lovers, romcom featuring a feisty reporter and a major league baseball player. May contain Evans family fun, lots of laughs, and adult themes. HEA guaranteed.

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More Than A Hero 
Book Three
"Becoming an Evans"

When a roadside bomb ends Nick’s time on the SEAL teams his life plans shift focus; get his security business off the ground and his head back on straight. But when Morgan explodes into his life she throws all those plans off course. Quickly everything starts to revolve around her. Is he just the guy that can save her from her stalker or will he show her that he can be More than just a Hero.

Author’s Note: More Than a Hero is a full-length, standalone, steamy, suspense, slow burn, contemporary romance featuring a sassy romance writer and a retired Navy SEAL. May contain Evans family fun, lots of laughs, and adult themes, including PTSD. HEA guaranteed.

More Than Fine
Book Two
"Becoming an Evans"

She’s running from her past, he’s hiding from the world when suddenly their lives collide.

Trish Biltman has spent the last two years evading a past she fears. Tucked away in a small seaside Jersey town, with her two young children, her life is simple. Until the day a photo from her best friend’s highly publicized wedding shows up on Page 6, and she finds herself once again on the run trying to keep her family safe.


Since his divorce, Grant Evans focuses his time and attention on his secluded Pennsylvania farm. His solitary life is fine, until the quiet, brown eyed Trish and her adorable—but loud—kids need somewhere to go. Since his farm is their only option Grant reluctantly opens his doors to them.


Both Trish and her kids, begin to thaw the ice that held Grant’s heart captive for years as he teaches her to trust again.  But the darkness from her past comes back, threatening their relationship, just as Grant starts to believe life can be More than Fine.

Author’s Note: More Than Fine is a full-length, standalone, steamy, slow burn, contemporary romance with hints of suspense featuring a strong heroine moving on after abuse and grumpy cowboy. May contain Evans family fun, lots of laughs, and adult themes, including past domestic abuse and past cheating. HEA guaranteed.

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More Than The Game 
Book One
"Becoming an Evans"

A scandal almost ruined her father’s political career, so Beth Evans avoids all press & social media. But when she meets baseball’s bad boy, Marc Demoda, she must choose between living in the harsh world of media gossip or giving up the man who might be her perfect match.

Author’s Note: More Than the Game is a full-length, standalone, steamy,  slow burn, romcom featuring a sassy single mom and a retired major league baseball player. May contain Evans family fun, lots of laughs, and adult themes. HEA guaranteed.

Becoming an Evans

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More than the Game

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More than Fine

More than a Hero

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More Than a Story

What readers are saying

No Book Behind


More Than The Game by Jenni Bara is another debut this year.
We are living in a world where social media live their own lives, dictate trends and make up stories. It doesn’t matter if it is true or not, how harmful and devastating people live sometimes. Perfect example of it is Beth, who experienced it on her own skin. Single mum who wants to stay away from the spotlights and Marc, injured player who's trying to get back to the game and to repair his image. The memory of their first encounter over a broken dishwasher still brings back a wide smile on my face.
It’s light, fast-paced read, full of laughter, banter between siblings, and the free speech of children only completing the picture. The chemistry between Beth and Marc is undeniable from the very beginning, their affection growing and developing into sth better and more beautiful. Those two are a perfect match, supporting each other, finding peace and comfort in each other's arms.


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